Brent Thompson


Rich Experience. Brent Thompson, CEO of, specializes in master planning and design of places people love. He has served in design and management roles for a number of design firms, most recently as president of the Beijing branch of a large international firm. In that role he was responsible for establishing and growing business in China, formulating strategies, managing a full-service design studio, establishing and managing budgets and policies, guiding business development, educating & mentoring both staff and clients while also serving as chief master planner and designer. 

Brent is a design business manager with a unique ability to look through the eyes of clients and consumers alike, to understand their unique goals, requirements and desires. His resources include a remarkably talented group of individuals from around the world, representing a wide variety of disciplines. He is adept leveraging both his understanding of client and consumer needs, as well as those talented resources to build and manage teams that create the kinds of places and experiences that maximize client revenues and create great social benefit by improving lifestyles.

The teams he builds and manages master plan and design world class resort, shopping, entertainment and town center destinations.

Think Differently. Rearrange the pieces. Rethink. Incorporate proven new technologies. Make it better. Destinations are enormously complicated. Few designers understand how and why they work. Brent’s profound understanding of how and why, combined with his creative problem solving ability force him to Think Differently. To think better. Brent creates new prototypes for theme parks, resorts and experience-based destinations. Brent is one of the world’s foremost experts in rethinking destinations. 

Demanding Clients. Brent creatively designs for a wide range of demanding clients, including every major international entertainment company, and has done so for over thirty-five years. He proactively works with clients to anticipate their needs, goals and the challenges they face on a rich portfolio of projects are spread among the Middle East, China, Korea and Japan, as well as Europe and North America.

Focus on Success. Success matters. Brent drives his teams to create success for their clients by creating projects that can be approved, built within budget and successfully operated or sold. 


Cuningham Beijing
GlobalDesign Workshop; Los Angeles, Tianjin
Design Director
Cuningham Group; Los Angeles
Managing Partner
Architects' Atelier Praha; Prague, Czech Republic
Bachelor of Architecture
California Polytechnic State University; San Luis Obispo
Frequent Speaker
Themed Entertainment Conferences + Conventions
Architect, State of California, USA


Design Management98%
Concept Design96%
Master Planning97%
Thinking Differently100%

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