Experience Design Themed Design
Experience sells. Experience is the stuff that life is made of. The principles of experience design make magic. Magic makes money. The lessons learned designing for the world’s foremost themed entertainment companies make us experts.

Do It All

Theme Park Resort Master Planning. The BIG Idea. The theme park’s theme. The RDE’s [Retail, Dining + Entertainment streets], resort hotels and rides and attractions. We and our extended team do it all, we have done it all.

Our approach is to start on the outside and work our way in. First we work to understand your goals AND your dreams. Then we  create a BIG Idea that will help you achieve your goals and dreams. As we move forward, we get more and more detailed, solve more and more issues. 

Master Planning

If it’s not working, change it. Rearrange the pieces. We create new prototypes for theme parks because we know them so well. We are among the world’s foremost experts.

Theme Park Design

Most theme parks that aren’t named Disney or Universal fail. We have solutions. Using proven technologies, we created an RDE centric, multi-gate park that will work for YOU!

Outside the Gate

Disney money makers are its RDE and hotels. Its economic engine. We are economic engine experts. Our experts use ALL the pieces to achieve your goals and dreams.

6 Principles

Of a Magical Experience

Magical Memories

Do you go to a theme park to see the newest technologies or to see the smile on your child’s face? Successful parks create shared memorable experiences for you and your child, family, date or friends.

Magical Appeal

Something for everyone. Successful parks attract huge audiences. They do so by appealing to everyone, young and old, male and female, rich and poor, active and relaxed…

Magical Environment

A theme park is a movie you can walk around in, where every detail is unique. Successful guest experiences are created by carefully designed places where every detail is part of the story.

Magical Engagement

A great theme park of themed destination engages all five senses. Only a physical place can have things to see, hear, touch, taste and smell.

Magical Energy

Today’s guests are used to being constantly entertained. Successful parks are full of magical energy. Everything is a show. Of particular focus are queues, the least favorite part of any guest’s theme park experience. Make the queue part of the show!

Magical Hospitality

Most design companies think hospitality is something for the operations team to worry about later. It isn’t. Hospitality starts with design. We think about every detail, every minute of a guest’s day in the park as we design.

Disney Designer

3 Challenges

Increase Spending

Increasing the total spending per guest, both inside the park and outside the park, is critical to the economic success of a theme park resort.

Increased Visitation

Increasing the total number of guests who visit a park on an annual basis is the second key to theme park success.

Decreasing Costs

Building a park that guests love while decreasing construction costs is the third key to success for a theme park owner.

3 Solutions

RDE Centric Park

The RDE [Retail, Dining + Entertainment street] is the economic engine for any successful theme park. Theme park guests and local visitors alike spend generously in RDEs. The RDE is typically outside the theme park gate. By placing the RDE in the center of the park, revenue generation is increased.

Multi-Gate Park

The Disney model, where guests buy one expensive ticket for a full day visit, works well for a tourism centered large park, but discourages locals from making frequent visits. By leveraging proven technologies to create a multi-gate park, the park becomes not a once a year or once in a lifetime destination, but a lifestyle destination that locals might visit multiple times per month. It now is great competition for “dinner and a movie,” with dinner in the RDE and the movie replaced by a visit to a single land.

Hybrid Park

By mixing Disney quality themed key features with a Tivoli Gardens [the famous Denmark park] style garden park, we are able to create a world class park on a local park budget.