Lily Yang | 杨丽

Lily Yang | 杨丽

Vice President, Branding + Marketing


Lily has advanced degrees at top universities in both China and the United States. She has a wealth of experience in the  branding and marketing of real estate developments, having served for over 15 years in key division leadership roles for SOHO China, TESCO UK, and leading Chinese State Owned Enterprise shopping mall properties. Additionally, Lily brings online and social media marketing expertise to our team – expertise she gained designing, building, marketing and ultimately selling a phone marketing application to one of China’s largest online sellers.

Key skills

Positioning; marketing and branding; and brand IP development, especially in the world’s largest retail and online shopper-tainment environment.


Branding + Marketing Director
SOHO China
Branding +Marketing Director
Branding + Marketing Director
Various Chinese State Owned Companies
Master of Finance
Fordham University, New York City, USA
Master of Business Administration [MBA]
Peking University


Branding +Marketing100%
IP Development 98%
User Analysis95%

Contact Info

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Email : [email protected]