Tu Xue Lin | 屠雪临

Tu Xue Lin | 屠雪临

Vice President, Architecture


Tu Xuelin, past chief architect of TADI and past Principal of TU Studio, specializes in master planning and architecture design. Tu also has rich experience in Green Architecture design. Tu has additionally won many national-prize design honors in China. He has won four first class prizes, one gold prize and one silver prize.Tu was honored to receive the Outstanding Young Architects Prize of China.

Tu is one of the top 5 most respected architects in Tianjin. He has earned this reputation for both his own designs and for his collaborations with foreign architects. He has personally designed many major civic buildings and created important master planning urban design work. His work in green architecture, especially for Tianjin Eco City’s most important Green civic buildings.

Additionally, he has for many years closely collaborated with international design firms on some of Tianjin’s most important buildings. More recently, his influence has spread well beyond Tianjin with works in many of China’s cities and provinces.


Tianjin Architects and Engineers Design Institute [TADI]
Chief Architect; Senior Engineer; Member of TADI Architecture Profession Committee; Member of TADI Technology Management Committee
TU Studio
Social Position
Registered Commercial Architect; Member of Human Settlements Committee, Institute of Chinese Architects, ASC; Member of Tianjin Engineering Projects Bidding Evaluation Specialist Committee
The 11th Tianjin Science & Technology Award for Young Persons; The 8th ASC Award for Young Architects
Tianjin University
Bachelor of Architecture; Master of Architecture


Architectural Design100%
Master Planning and Urban Design98%
Green Design94%
Collaborative Design99%

Contact Info

Phone : 138 0303 9033
Email : [email protected]