2018 Winter Olympics | Alpensia Resort

Project Description

Korea's Alpensia Resort, host of the 2018 Winter Olympics. If you watched the games, you've see our work.

Client : Gangwangdo Development Corp.

Scope : Concept Design + Master Planning

Project Date : 2004

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Is Insanely Well Crafted

Our planning process focuses on achieving three distinct goals:

The BIG IDEA. The concept, the single defining characteristic. Is your home a retreat? A place to raise a family? A show piece? Is your retail center a simple convenience center, or a regional destination? If it is a retreat, the Big Idea will make sure that, for you, it is a retreat like no other. The Big Idea is the essence of your project – the road map for every subsequent decision. 

The EXPERIENCE. Who will be using the house or facility? What are the experiences they hope to enjoy, the memories they expect to make?


The STRATEGY. Whether we are building you a place to raise your family or a project to increase the wealth of you and your investors, the best way to achieve your goals is to start with a plan.


We have developed a careful PROCESS to help us achieve these 3 goals:

We start with  RESEARCH. We get to know you, your needs, desires and aspirations. We get to know your land, its opportunities, challenges and surroundings.



Next we study PRECEDENTS [successful stuff that has been done before] conducting case studies of similar, successful projects. We focus on why they work and ideas we can use to make your project a success.

Next we BRAINSTORM [come up with a bunch of ideas, some of which are good, some great.] We surround ourselves with the information we have collected and spend some time doing nothing but coming up with ideas.