Master Planning

Master Planning

The focus of a great master plan is not on the physical aspects of the plan, but on the OWNERS and GUESTS that will use the place planned, on the EXPERIENCES they will enjoy and the MEMORIES they will make.
We always

Think Before We Plan

The focus is the on the MAGIC. Brent Thompson Architects is world renowned master planning studio, with a résumé of projects from retail centers to complete cities. Yet how is this background relevant to an owner that wants to build a single family home or a small commercial center?


It’s extremely relevant, because of the approach we bring. We believe that every project is important. We believe that every project should be carefully and thoughtfully planned from the outset. We don’t just start drawing, or copy and paste from our last project.

Our planning process focuses on achieving three distinct goals:
The BIG IDEA. The concept, the single defining characteristic. Is your home a retreat? A place to raise a family? A show piece? Is your retail center a simple convenience center, or a regional destination? If it is a retreat, the Big Idea will make sure that, for you, it is a retreat like no other. The Big Idea is the essence of your project – the road map for every subsequent decision.