Raptor + Conch House

Insanely Great Malibu Homes

Homes that live well, homes that show well. Places people love to live, places people love to show off. Modern Homes that charm. Traditional homes that amaze.

Client : Thompson Family

Project Date : 2004

We design

Modern Homes With Amazing Charm

BTA contrasts bold forms, crisp details + warm materials to create places people love to live.

Our process requires first that we learn to understand our owners, their needs, lifestyle and dreams. We learn what charms them, relaxes them, thrills them. Next we research and brainstorm. We collect a plethora of images, as we find that this is the best way to help our clients communicate their desires to us. We paste up old school boards of images, and let our clients live with them. After they have done so, they are able to tell us what they love, what they hate, what they want.

We love modern homes, but especially love them when they are bold, bright and serve up fabulous views AND are warm and comfortable places to live. We like strong architecture, lots of glass, light and endless views. We like warm materials, contrasts, layers and textures.

We have lived and traveled extensively in the old world as well. We love traditional architecture, and love it best when it is authentic. We do extensive research into forms, details, materials colors and textures. Individually, these details often seem insignificant. Combined to create a home or commercial place, then make the magic.