World’s First Multi-Gate Theme Park

RDE Centered Theme Park

Unconventional planning, never been done before in the world. A new concept in theme park design. An un-gated RDE is the core of the theme parkThe plan will be similar to a hub and spoke plan, but guests must return to the RDE before entering another land. The RDE will be the hub. Each land is separately gated.

Client : Sichuan Development Corp.

Project Date : 2019

Small City Theme Park Design
Small City Theme Park Design
Small City Theme Park Design
Small City Theme Park Design
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Cloud City – Aviation Culture Theme Park is a combination of various formats, which will become the core of regional entertainment and vacation in the future.

Small City Theme Park Design

The park has five theme land with independent charges and the time terminal——retail dining and entertainment zone that is open to the public. Park entrance is designed to be an exquisite terminal entrance shape. Simulator training experience center, aviation culture center and family leisure hotel are located on both sides. Aviation theme hotel is located near the riverfront on the North side.

Theme Park Fine Lands

  • Sky Station

  • Cloud Harbor

  • Future World

  • Balloon City

  • Floating Islands

Small City Theme Park Design